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Get Your Application Seen Early!

Imagine you're perfect for a job role, you tick all the requirements and have a superb CV but there's only one problem....

.......Nobody knows it and your CV isn't getting seen!

When you are seeking employment or keeping an eye out for opportunities in hyper-competitive industries, the most daunting thing that is easily overlooked through ignorance or personal biased, is that there are so many others wanting the same things as you and these others, may have the same qualifications and experience as you.

A single role we apply for could have hundreds of applicants and that means, many CVs and applications may not get seen or given enough time for the potential to be realised. You get lost in the queue of applicants and natural wastage also falls at the way-side.

Your focus needs to be on qualifying yourself as soon as possible, which means, showing evidence that you satisfy the needed criteria of the role. You then need to make sure that your qualifying factors are actually seen.

With this in mind, it may be useful to consider the arrangement of your CV when sending it digitally via email. When your CV is opened via an email attachment and depending on the means by which it's opened, only the top half of your CV will be shown in the first instance. This means means that if the top half of your CV is executed poorly, the reader may not even bother to scroll down and read the rest of your CV.

The video below, explains the value of putting your application strengths at the

top of your CV and other strategies of quickly qualifying for a role.