CRYPTO: One to Watch for 2022 - KASTA Token

People are becoming financially free through investing in the right Crypto scene - This is a fact. KASTA is being tagged as one of those tokens with potential to do just that and here is how you can get involved....

(Nothing I mention on my website is to be considered as financial advice. Investing in Crypto comes with risk and everyone should conduct their own research before investing).

Kasta is due to go on Public Sale at the end of the year / start of 2022 and will be available at $0.035 per token (around £0.03). In the past I've been guilty of being 'late to the party' with certain coins and tokens and this time, I'm determined to be right there at the opening.

The first step is to join the waitlist. Once you have done this, you will receive an email once the public sale is open. I will be adding furthers steps once the offering is open and will create a tutorial video for my Premium Subscribers on how you can purchase your own KASTA tokens.

Read about the whole KASTA project here.

If you need support to set up your own crypto accounts and wallets, give me a shout and

I can get you ready to start investing.